About COA

COA is an ongoing monthly public forum that takes place in many different locations around the world. Each second Saturday, 5pm to 8 pm. We focus on the African public interest values listed below or here. We ask you to support our activities that will result in peaceful, creative, and innovative changes to conditions in Africa.

COA Forum Loans™ provides grants for micro loan start-ups in villages in Africa. COA is a clearing house for numerous ideas, strategies, action plans developed by others.

COA teams up with others to implement core African public interest values through peaceful, legal, and lawful activities. You are invited to attend a COA Forum in your area. Contact us here for details.

Conversations On Africaa is not: a debating society, a discussion forum, or a think tank. Others have done that. We implement their ideas by mobilizing activities and actions to produce results.

We welcome your ideas, suggestions and recommendations.

Conversations On Africa
They smile because of you. When you attend COAForum events their dreams of going from small to large business owners will now have an opportunity to become a reality
Conversations On Africa

Micro Loan

COA has given grants, monies, and different sorts of financial assistance to individuals and groups all over the continent of Africa. COAForum Loans™ provides grants for micro loan start-ups in villages in Africa. The motto of COA Forum Loans™ is loans, not guns.

Some Substantive African Public Interest Values of COA:

  • Substantive and accountable multi-party democracy
  • Established rule of law
  • Independent judiciary
  • Free press and freedom of speech
  • Development of effective political opposition parties
  • Free and fair general elections
  • Protection of minority rights
  • Freedom of religion
  • Equal rights
  • Empowerment and social justice for women
  • Protection and advancement of human rights
  • Songhai Federal Republics
  • Annual Africa Unite Now Festival
  • Economic integration and political unification
  • African political identity for all individuals born in Africa
  • Genocide prevention and intervention
  • Public safety
  • Elimination of child soldiers and laborers
  • Elimination of slavery
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